Product Info   :   Hardwood Species

Domestic Species

Hardwood species are typically classified as either domestic or exotic. There are literally 100’s of hardwood species available but we will try to focus on the most common used for flooring. North American hardwoods or domestics offer a classic and warm appearance and are typically found at a lower price point than exotics. Here is a list of the most common domestic species:

     • Red Oak
     • White Oak
     • Hickory
     • Pine
     • Cherry
     • Walnut
     • Maple
     • Beech
     • Ash

Exotic Species

Hardwoods found outside of North America are commonly referred to as exotics. These hardwoods are imported from places like Africa, South America, and even Australia. Many of the exotic hardwoods are extremely durable and feature unique colors and grain patterns. Popular exotic species include:

     • Brazilian Walnut / Ipe
     • Brazilian Teak / Cumaru
     • Brazilian Maple
     • Brazilian Cherry / Jatoba
     • Purpleheart
     • African Rosewood / Bubinga
     • Spotted Gum
     • Santos Mahogany / Cabriuva
     • African Wenge
     • Sapele
     • Australian Cypress

**For more information, click on the specie you’re interested in or visit the NWFA.