Services   :   Screen and Recoat

Whether you own a prefinished floor or a custom site finished floor, the shine and durability of the finish will diminish over time. The amount of time varies depending on how well you have maintained your floors and the overall amount of traffic. The simple fact is, there isn’t a finish that can’t be scratched and eventually every floor needs to be resurfaced.

Many people are unaware that they can have a renewal coat applied that will rejuvenate their floor for a fraction of the money and time required to have it completely refinished. This process is extremely effective at removing surface scratches and revitalizing dull floors. Please be cautioned that deep scratches or dents will not be removed by this service.

The typical buff and coat service takes only a day to complete and will need to dry overnight. The Hardwood Floor Company recommends this service every 3 to 5 years. Frequent applications will not only protect your floor but will lengthen the time before a complete refinish is necessary. Please read up on all of our maintenance tips and feel free to contact us about our maintenance program.