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We have experienced installers that have successfully installed hardwoods over concrete, plywood, and radiant heat. We have worked with virtually all types of hardwood products – both solid and engineered planks, wide planks, bamboo, or even cork. We also have experience installing custom borders, laser-cut medallions, and hand-crafted custom medallions. If you’re looking to replicate historic floors or looking for something truly unique, we have multiple distressing techniques and hand-scraping options available.

Our installation crews average about 500 SF a day. Therefore most installations can be completed within a couple days and we do our best to keep the disruptions to a minimum. If you’re thinking about installing a new hardwood floor, please browse the galleries from our trusted vendors to get ideas and learn about the different species and grades that are available.


Many families are enjoying the natural look of hardwood flooring throughout their home and now many are deciding to upgrade their carpeted staircases with hardwoods. Hardwood staircases are easier to clean and provide an updated look that is absolutely beautiful. Installing staircases and handrails can be a very challenging and time-consuming task. This is why The Hardwood Floor Company has teamed with some of the area’s best finish carpenters to assist with the installation of your new staircase. With their assistance, we can install new treads, risers, handrails, balusters, and staircase moldings in a timely fashion. This also allows us to keep the costs affordable, meet the proper building codes and standards, and ensures that your new staircase is safe and sturdy. Once the installation is complete, our staff will handle the finishing of your new staircase and customize the stain color so that your new staircase is finished to your preference.