Services   :   Restoration & Renovation

Are you ready to install hardwoods in that dinning room but concerned it may not match your existing floor?  Did your toilet or dishwasher leak and cause your hardwoods to cup and now you want to know the best way to fix it?  The Hardwood Floor Company has answers to these questions and many more. Our professional staff would love to meet with you and provide an on-site assessment that will allow you to make an educated decision.
The Hardwood Floor Company specializes in restoration projects and some of the area’s leading restoration companies rely on our services each day. Our years of experience and training allow us to make the proper recommendations to bring your hardwoods back to life with the most cost-effective solutions. If you’re a homeowner or restoration company that is looking for a reliable hardwood flooring contractor that can be trusted to a professional job…please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

The picture to the right shows the finished results of a project that required us to remove carpet from the living room.  New hardwoods were then installed and “laced-into” existing hardwoods. The floor was then sanded using our dustless system and the finished product provides an excellent example of how new hardwoods can be blended in with existing ones. Please visit our gallery or click on the following links for examples - sample 1, sample 2, and sample 3.

Additional Services

     --Move toilets/pedestals and replace with new wax rings.
     --Pull base-shoe
     --Install new base-shoe either primed or stained and coated
     --Install flush frame vents
     --Move kitchen appliances
     --Move contents
     --Remove carpet, hardwood, tile, linoleum